the ice can keep his secrets

he’s staring down into the whiskey in his glass
the ice is reflecting the light in his eyes
but he’s sad.
he doesn’t look sad,
he doesn’t look the way he is
but buried underneath that smile
is the sadness or the fear.
the ice is seeing something that no one else sees.
he’s glad for this fact,
the ice can keep his secrets
and he won’t have to explain himself.
as the whiskey melts the ice,
his fears also melt away.
the whiskey goes down smooth
and no longer reflects the sparkle in his eyes,
he likes this level of numbness.
he wants to be what they all want him to be
but his shoulders are getting tired of carrying that weight,
they can, they have, but should they?
don’t we all need a little break sometimes?
the ice will melt tonight and take away the possibility
of anything coming out.
his lips hit the glass and he breathes a sigh of relief.
tonight will fade as well,
tomorrow the sun will rise
and they will be calling
and he will answer.
but tonight he will share his secrets with the ice,
in solitude, and no one will ever know.
that sparkle will fade as his cheeks flush
with the alcohol slipping under his skin.



One thought on “the ice can keep his secrets

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