let’s find our light in the dark

let’s play in the dark
let’s see what sparks can start a fire.
let’s see if the fireflies will join us
and if not, then let’s make our own light
let’s light up the world with our words.
let’s fight for the joy and hope.
let’s see if those hearts we buried long ago are still there.
they might be a little dirty
but dust them off
and they’ll pump again.
the human body is an amazing enigma
that we pretend to know
but really we are just hoping we get it.
I mean we should by now,
shouldn’t we?
it’s always the lessons learned that we never like to talk about.
remember when you learned you can’t fly
and you broke your ankle?
or the time you thought you were weightless
and face planted it instead?
watch those kids brush off their knees
and run around with torn clothes
with smiles on their faces.
let’s do that.
let’s continue to smile even with all the scraps and bruises
we’ve collected over the years.
let’s find our light in the dark



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