queen of hearts or spades?

living in a box too small
was no match for a queen
but trying to hike up her britches
was no feat at all.
the world will keep turning
and servants will go unnoticed.
hiccups and slip ups will be brushed under the rug.
“forgive and forget” they say
but they have said many things before
does the queen listen to their squabbles?
does she care about their woes
more so then the peasant would?
is her heart 10 times as big,
or 2 sizes too small?
with all these questions unanswered,
where does she go?
level one or two steps to the left.
“kill the pawns” they say,
“and you will win”
but is the only way on the backs of someone else’s neck?
if its honor, loyalty, and love
the queen demands,
then when she gets what she demands,
does it taste as victorious?
if she cages and chains who do not agree,
then won’t everyone agree?
“if this is this”
and “that is that”,
then is there anything to question after all?



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