unknowns & knowable

maybe he was shivering
but he was good at hiding it.
he liked the cold
and he liked that his skin was on its edge.
he liked the idea of the unknown and the knowable.
he wanted to explore but felt stuck sometimes.
he was one who wanted more
and dreamed of more.
he let his mind wander
and it drifted away from him at times.
he would get lost in thought
and forget social graces and customs.
“sit here, sit there, do this, do that”
but he was off in his mind
contemplating the worlds of someone else.
was the lion coming to get him?
was that monster of an idea going to swallow him whole like Jonah?
can he make friends with Wilson again?
will that be enough?

he was so determined to win
that nothing would do?
he wanted that trophy
but the trophy was shifting and morphing into something else.
what was his new goal?
what was he required to leap for this time?
he wanted so much and for that he did nothing.
he would try and try
and mostly succeed
but in the inner most parts of his mind,
where he wouldn’t let anyone in
he wouldn’t be smiling.
he wouldn’t be crying either.
it’s a stone cold face that appears in the mirror.
could his imagination and charm get him out of this one,
this one time?
was it enough to get lost there?

would anyone get to stay in that cold reflection?



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