they started a revolution together

they started a revolution together
he listened to what she said
and she had ideas to share.
they decided not to live happily ever after
but simply to live.
not just in the moment
but in their bodies and souls.
they reached deep down,
pulled out their souls,
placed them on the table
and didn’t perform a science experiment.
they looked and they touched.
they questioned and they answered.
then when all was on the table
they took their souls back,
put them in the castle of their hearts
and went on with the day.
they had a few messes to clean up here and there.
but once it was known,
it wasn’t unknowable.

they started a revolution together
and separate of one another.
he showed his emotions
and she held him when he fell.
they chose to love and to stand up in the face of the dragons.
it was a bumpy road
but they ended up standing on one another’s shoulders
to see over the white picket fence.
they chose to fight monsters of the past
and relive the joys of the present.
they dived into the future feet first

and no one broke any bones.

they started a revolution together
and the world would never be the same.
he wanted the world
and she handed it to him.
they had a story to tell
that wouldn’t go in the history books,
it might not even make it to the next generation.
but they broke the mold
and found a footing.
their revolution was searing truths
and blazing sincerity
a tale of two souls who met on the kitchen table
and never looked back.

the revolution was the mess
that turned out to be a beautiful way to live.
expose it all,
burn some,
enlighten others
and be the mess of organs you are.



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