“I need a fix in those heroin eyes”

let me leave my imprint on you like a tattoo,
irreversibly and wonderfully stuck.
let’s get tangled up in one another,
where the air burns
and we have nothing left in the fridge.
let’s get lost in one another’s minds
and only come up for air to ask questions to better understand one another,
then dive back down the rabbit hole
to get lost on a tangent.
let’s drive until we run out of road
and park there and look up at the stars.
let’s find a place where we can see the stars
and look up at the snow globe that is our world.
let’s be the oxytocin for one another
when the night is too short and the days are too long.
let’s wrap each other’s flaws in a bow
and present them back to each other
with a smile and not a smirk.
let’s create moments together of stupidity and grace.
where mistakes run away
and laughter fills the gaps.
let’s find those fears deep in the well
and wash them away with new water.
let’s dance until our legs shake
and our cheeks hurt from smiling.
let’s live to the fullest version we want.
let’s grab the bull by the horns
and get our adrenaline pumping.
and when we can’t see the hope in this life,
smack me over the head with it.
let’s be the story that everyone can’t believe is real.
let’s fight for the laugh lines
and hindsight that’s 20/20.
let’s never look back
unless it’s to find each other in a crowd.
let’s be the ones to rewrite the book.



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