a cold day in summer

a cold day in summer
had hell frozen over already?
were the winds changing and blowing it all the pieces?
was this the night it would be different?
was this the time he would love her?
would the winds be enough to push him?
could things ever be different?
were there any power in his words?
was there any love in her stare?
could the flowers bloom through the ice?
can they push it and make it still?
could it all be fine?
would they ever find one another in the fog?
Little Riding Hood was terrified of the Wolf
but then she remembered he was just a boy.
she took off her red cape and set it on his shoulders
he wasn’t growling,
he was just shivering.
it was just an act.
but she was looking and not seeing through the coat
he had been working on that shield for decades now

fire melts ice, right?
therefore it should melt
but the ice was feeling a little bit too solid these days
unbreakable and yet so vulnerable at the same time
can the solid have a crack?
the question was not could it but would it
and when
when would the glass break and she would be looking in
when would it all make sense
when would the ice thaw?
all the smiles in this world didn’t seem to make a difference



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