fire & water

you light my soul on fire
and it scares me half to death.
I speak with the reaper and ask him questions
but he does not answer.
I talk to the fire
but it only dances and mocks me.
I ask my questions to the air
but it only blows on by
with only screams to share.
you light my soul on fire
but it may only be a simmer
and I am just misjudging it.
I’d like to put it out,
I don’t want my fire to show,
then everyone will turn and look.
I’d rather just burn here on the low.
you set my soul on fire
but I’ll hide it because you’re not on fire too.
two fires burn brighter
but fire and water will just put the other one out.
I may want to simmer
but I don’t want to be put out completely.
“hold you tongue
and let them speak,
it’s not your turn.”
they have a lot to say
and I’m still listening,
why do I care again?
why am I playing the role
and coloring within the lines?
can we make a mess and burn it all anyways?
let’s set this place a blaze
but the fire might also just be in my heart and soul
but not outside of me.
if you get too close, you might get burned.
fire and fire burns brighter
but in the meantime you’ll hold the heat
while others shiver.
can we share this?
does anyone know?
has anyone tried?
you set my soul a flight
but I’m not sure I know how to fly
and so I may spend most of the time out on the limb
prepping myself to jump.
I’ll claw my way here and hold on for dear life.
if a bird loves a fish, where would they live?



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