fight or flight

square, square, circle, square
black, white, black, grey, red
light, dark, sunsets, heartbreak
fear, tension, fear, run
hope, fear, doubt, hope, tears
love, love, pain, love, shame

to have loved and lost.
to never love at all.
red pill or the blue pill.
choose wisely,
one makes you shrink,
the other makes you grow.

to fight or to run.
it’s an either/or dichotomy
that we live in.
this or that
door number one or door number two
from point A to point B
walk the line and hold on.
fight to let go.
and fight to be at peace.
and fight for you and me.
fight for the unknown
and fight for the unborn generations.

does anyone else want to tap in?
paint that smile on your face
and watch them walk away.
take a cold shower
and start over.
watch the world melt
and wash your face.
the sun will shine tomorrow.



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