it crumbles too easily

yesterday she hated you
and today she decided to let it go
to let go,
let’s define that for everyone once again.
let’s dive into that encyclopedia
and swim in the words of the English language
let’s get lost and let’s hide away.
tomorrow she might be in love again
but that was tomorrow
she would try to find a way to knock you off the pedestal
that she built for you
she knew as she moved the bricks
and cemented them in place
that later she would be clawing at them,
trying to bring down the Berlin wall.
she knew this as she built it up
but continues to blissfully build
she wanted to be wrong this time
she wanted to be pleasantly surprised
but maybe it was her fault again
maybe there was no right or wrong way
maybe there was no path.
a path implies order and a direction
maybe there was no point A to point B.
maybe it was a dance of thrills and slides and side steps
maybe it wasn’t an end or a beginning
maybe it just was

she would dig out the dirt under her fingernails
and brush off the dust on her clothes
today was a new day
let’s root for the nobodies and the underdogs
let’s fight with all the air in our lungs
to find that moment that makes use smile
let’s claw our way out of this hole
we built for ourselves
and remember that we’re alive.

today might be a great day
the only thing stopping it
is the glasses you decided to put on
pick a color you like
and look at this world you get to live in.
let the angry words
and grudges slide off you.
be the one who smiles first
be the one to take the initiative and hold their hand.
we all just need a reminder that we are in this together

the story of one
one moment
one life
one soul

one scared child who chose to say I love you
be your one
and go be someone’s exception



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