a bunch of limbs

she was talking to trees again
and they probably thought she was crazy

he was drowning his despair in endorphins
hoping that would solve the problem

the other was fighting with fear
in hopes that love would find him

it’s all just a game to some
and heartache to most

she was hoping the wind would hear her
this time around maybe

he was trying so hard to play
but kept changing the rules each day

the other was trying so hard to be seen
but ended up silencing himself

it’s all just fears, joys, hopes, and dreams
it’s all a guessing game

she was hoping for the best
but now she was feeling the sting

he was trying to make the team
to be the best, but he didn’t need to try

the other was hiding behind wit
in hopes it wouldn’t bite him

it’s all just a bunch of limbs
attempting to be a life of worth

she was wondering in the night
worrying about the rules that no one told her about

he was feeling good with his flock
but it was all a sham,
he’s just scared

the other wanted someone
any one to fill the void
he’s just scared

the winds were keeping their mouths shut tonight
but the stereo was speaking loud and clear
but she was on the wrong station



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