suit up

put on that elegant suit
and she will suit up in her finest dress
you’ll walk down that aisle
and smile at the crowd
you’ll turn back and see the bride
she will be beaming
she will glow
and you will stand close to her
you will feel the heat radiating off her joy
it will be glorious

suit up and she’ll suit down
she will strip away the layers of fear
and anguish
she will help you find the right fit
but only if you let her

suit yourself
and you’ll be alone
look at the others playing nicely in the park
they all can make friends
share and you’ll be friends
sit all by yourself
and scowl but it will be no fun

suit that love
dress it up in front of others
but it will still be naked underneath
love will be the love it is in the dark
you may try to fool others
but behind close doors and fights
the love fights for its life
will you let it be?
will you fight for it?

dig back in your closet and find that suit
dust it off and get it cleaned
put it back on and see how you feel
is this the love you’re going to wear?
is this the you, you want to be?
will you control any of it anyways?

strip down and be the person you are in the dark
you came into this world crying
but at least then you knew you could breathe
you can breathe now

and you cry now too
be the person you are
share the flaws, hide the flaws
give the flaws away
and accept a new reality
you don’t need that armor anymore

suit down and be the you,
you are



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