happy new year

get on your soap box and decide
decide to make this next year great.
it is a choice
and a decision,
so make it.

quit settling for some bullshit excuse of love.
if you’re not in love
or you’re in love and unhappy
then end it.
have the guts to be alone
and find something better.

quit your bitching and do something about it.
if you don’t like where you live,
you are not a tree,
pick up your roots and move.

don’t think that this has to be the life you fell into.
if you like this watering hole,
then stay
but if not
then keep on keeping on
to the next town.

quit making the excuses
get your ass off the couch
and go win that medal.

there is so much life has to offer.
be chicken shit for a hot second,
then leap into the unknown.
if you fall, just get up again.

you are a resilient little human
you’ll be fine.
go make your life awesome

note to self

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