snow in the dead of summer

if you’ve got a jet black heart
can I hold it?
if you’ve cried yourself to sleep for the past week
can I bring you pillow mints to make things sweeter?
if you need a friend, just ask
but be prepared for the truth
not covered in sugar
or politely veiled anything
I’ll give you what I’d want as a friend
I’d want to have a truthful,
honest to the core kind of person
with a pinch of “you can do it”

sure you can pick yourself up
but we all need a helping hand sometimes
the hardest part is accepting it
join the club
where we smile and grit our teeth
and try out best to hold your hand
but we might miss it 20,000 times

“just give me some time”
said the seedling to the sun.
he couldn’t look up unless he wanted to be blinded
so he kept his head down
until he grew enough leaves to shade himself when needed.
soon enough he would learn to be friends with the sun
but it would certainly take precious time

it all seemed to move in slow motion
with uncertainty at her side
she pulled her little red riding hood
and trudged through the snow in the dead of summer
it made no sense at all
but neither did much of what she saw in Wonderland.

breathe it in
process it later

ask questions now
just be.
find a path
make a path
ignore the path
find the dirt floor
say hello to the flowers,
and continue on



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