return to sender

formula one:
boy likes girl
boy is too shy to say anything
girl works up the courage and tells him
they live happily ever after

formula two:
girl likes boy
girl is too scared
and tries to be subtle about it
he knows the whole time
and plays along
it’s just a game to pass the time
girl is crushed

formula three:
boy and girl like each other
but are best friends
and neither does anything about it
still lives happily ever after

do you think the A + B = C
is it all that black and white in your mind?
say something nice,
that’s all she wants to hear.
give her what you think she wants.
see past her and not through her
it must be the right way to go about this
pat yourself on the back
because you’re congratulating yourself,
she’s wrapping that “compliment” back up
and returning it to the sender
but you’re too busy to notice

it’s about the small subtleties and nuances
light her soul on fire,
don’t just speak the words you think
her “small girl mind” needs to hear.
while they’re all crying into their pillows
for fear of dying alone,
she’ll be out building herself up.
while they’re at chick flicks,
drooling over the male lead
she’ll be working her ass off.
not for her future boyfriend,
no to catch your attention,
not to see if she can lure the one in,
she’s fighting for herself,
to remind herself she’s alive
and this is the best feeling.

so pack up your pleasantries
and low level bullshit
and be on your way.
take your own energies and balance them.

she’ll be over here,
not waiting for you,
not wishing for the wind to change your mind,
not fearful of the unknown,
she’s got her own world to spin



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