change of address

one here and one there
the colors dance in the wind
across your face
and under that overpass
it’s a new collection of lights
and it’s where you long to be
in the warmth and safe.
where you’re a kid and nothing touches you
and your biggest problem is being small

it’s not an all or nothing.
they lie but you don’t know it yet
these fantasies and magic tales
fill your mind
and you accept those unknowns without a doubt

no doubts
no uncertainties
except that everything is uncertain
and everything is full of possibility
it’s a moment that passes in time
you look back and you understand nothing
but hope for everything

it’s where bullies and tears get solved
with a little kiss and some neosporin

everything and nothing all at once
you come home and listen to the doors slam
but you don’t understand why
and you don’t question it either
whatever is, has already been
so it just makes sense
to your mind sitting in hormones and unknowns

but you can’t be Peter Pan forever
and this isn’t Neverland
but let’s just pretend we live there.
I’ll put in my change of address
and you can bring the ice cream.
I’ve got a good blanket and a spoon to share
I swear we can do this again
let’s go back and be small
it’s a beautiful place to be


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