existentialism in the dark

if nothing is everything
and everything is nothing,
then what are we?
and why are we here?
is pain real or just relative?
is stealing a crime and lust a sin?
who decides these laws and rules?
and if it isn’t each one of us,
then why do we agree to follow?
if the little things make you happy
and the big things make you quiet,
then what is this life made of?
is it milestones or cups of coffee and unknowns?
can the big be the small
and the nothings mean everything?
can the silences make up the noise
and the lies filter out?
if we are all connected,
then why do we hurt one another
and why can’t we see eye to eye?
if all is fair in love and war,
why do they feel the same?
how can you bleed and feel no pain
but spew it out at others?
the numbness is only a temporary choice
that some make permanent,
then why do we build pillow forts
and wall ourselves in with protection?
how do we protect ourselves from ourselves?
is there a cure for hate?
if unknowns frighten you,
then can you walk through fire knowing it’ll hurt?
does love heal all wounds
or is time the unstitcher of progress?
can you jump off the tracks at 26, 42, or 80?
or does age accrue pain and cynicism?
if energy can’t be created or destroyed,
can I borrow yours for awhile
and give it back in a few years?
if I scream and you scream,
do we get ice cream after it all
or only broken hearts?
if I trip over my own words
and can’t catch myself,
then who breaks my fall?
if you break me
and I put myself back together,
who gets the trophy?
can we win this fight
if no one says anything and we’re statues?
does that solve the problem?
and if the band-aid doesn’t cover the hole,
can we throw some dirt on it and cover it up?
would make-up cover that bruise
just enough so no one asks questions?
if nothing is everything
and everything is nothing,
then why are we?



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