back of your eyes

in a world full of zombies, apocalypse, superheroes, villains, and rain storms
what takes your breath away?
what scares the shit out of you
to the point you either run from it
or straight into the chaos?
what shakes your core or brings peace to your inner turmoil?
is it a person, place, or thing?
or rather a verb or action?
do you wrestle with your demons and win the trophy
or go down in flames trying?
is it enough to fail in a blaze of attempts?
do you win in the losing or learn in the bottom of it all?
do your defaults and “normal” settings match up with anyone else?
do they need to?
is there a reason to wait
or to renew the old?
can you rewrite the negatives
in the camera lens of the back of your eyes?
can we refile that memory and try again?
with mistakes swirling like in a bee hive,
can you even find the center sweet honey?
if love and lust begin with the same letter,
does that mean they being in the same way
but end on two separate constructs?
if we create and destroy our world with our words,
I think we should shut up for a moment or two.
if it burns and leaves a mark
but you smile,
did it even happen?
permanent reminders of things you forgot,
from the day before,
do these solve anything or only add to it?
if it’s a lie but you believe it,
does it become your truth?



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