will you join in?

the heart and soul of it
is that he doesn’t know.
they don’t know.
we don’t know.
we’re all searching for the bigger picture
but we have our eyes closed.
are we telepathically finding the answers
or following the crowd
but hiding in our sorrows?
it’s 4am and everyone is asleep,
while the moon converses with the trees.
their thoughts resonate in the breeze
we rise in the morning
and they go back to the background.
the stage is set,
the curtain of light drops
and the unknowns come out to play.
they’ll dance without an audience.
they need no applause,
just for you to breathe out
and they’ll go on
keeping on
with or without you.

will you join in?
can you join in the symphony without a song?
let the thoughts float through you
and around you.
absorb, interpret, and re-imagine



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