variables dance

if the faucet is leaking
but you ignore it,
have you fixed the problem?
if you hold your breath,
with hope,
you’ll pass out.
simple truths that make all the sense in the world,
except your own.
take yourself out of the equation
and the variables dance with each other
reinsert yourself
and you’ll hear the numbers
thud and collide with one another.
break a sweat
but try not to break your arm in the process,
you’re going to need that.
don’t forget to bring your heart with you.
pack it in bubble wrap and stick it in a suitcase.
it’ll make it along the way somehow.
a few bruises later
and some duct tape will keep it in one piece.
grab a jar of dirt
and let it ground you.
pack it all up,
hide the key
and try to escape.
let’s see where this path leads.
the sun won’t reach your features
if you stay indoors,
you won’t get burned
but is that the price you want to pay the witch doctor?
is it worth it?
unscathed and in one piece?
character flaws, pot holes, and scars
all make great stories



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