sea of questions

if the seas flood the stars
and the stars fill up your eyes,
what are you looking at?
if the quiet can consume the silence,
then what is the static in your dreams?
if we don’t look ahead,
is our only option to look to the past?
if we all bleed when cut,
can we cut to the chase
and hop over that puddle?
if you reach out
but don’t feel anything,
is it nothingness
or your nerves betraying you?
if we’re swimming in a mix of chemicals
but we don’t sense them,
what is your reality,
a facade or a delusion of facts?
if the heart and soul of it
is just skin and bones,
can we get to the nuts and bolts of ourselves
in any shape or form?
if the goal is to live, to love, and to survive,
then can we crawl through the mud
and call that love?
if you can know it by one sense
but not the others,
can you call it truth?
if the edges are torn,
can you still call the memory whole?
if you ring the door bell,
but no one is home,
do you wait on the doorstep expecting an answer?
do you ask the questions
and hope not to get the answers?



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