in the land of Oz, we think

the end of something,
the beginning of something new.
the woods seemed to want to claw and tear out my heart,
but maybe they were just trees swaying in the breeze.
maybe Thumbelina and the gnomes don’t have piercing eyes
but rather eyes wide in awe and hope.
maybe it’s all a perspective shift.
maybe it’s all in your head
as she screams into the wind.
maybe it’s all a step by step
rather then a running leap of faith across the Grand Canyon.
maybe we’ve all got the wrong idea
and it’s all just ideas, energies, and shared thoughts swirling around.
if you need my help and you don’t ask,
can I sense that?
if I stay silent but my thoughts are yelling,
does it appear on my face?
do we share souls or only moments?
if dichotomies exist to help us define,
can we speak to one another in a world of hundreds of languages?
can we boil this down to yes’s and no’s?
can we pull aside the curtain
and see the wizard of Oz pulling on our heart strings?



share your thoughts :)

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