neutrality reigns

if your soul breaks
but it needs to break
in order to make it through
is it all right?
if you don’t know why
and you don’t know the plan,
will you continue along this path
when it gets treacherous?
can it be worth it if you don’t know why?
can you fight with all your might
if you don’t know the intentions behind it?
if we never get to know
can we keep on keeping on
with our hope never being quenched?
loved and lost
and loved again
and goes quietly?
either or’s makes for simple truths
but life is more complicated than that.
but can we fathom all the variables?
should we?
should we fight the good fight
and saddle up on horses for battle
or to run away?
nothing good comes from the shadows
who dance on your grave
and yet we consult with them
and ask them questions
about our death and subsequently our life.
if the fortune teller
tells no fortunes,
then are they just story tellers
like the rest of us?
if we frame that story just so,
the optics can change the story all together.
should our stories be told
or can we bury them for good reason?
if your soul craves to take flight,
will you let it off its leash
and out of its cage?
or will you keep it under lock and key
to burn internally until you pass?

if we can’t have it all
should we try to fence in our part of this world
or let the weeds grow wild?
are we free to be
or only creating the illusions in the mirrors
that reflect what we want?
can all the words quench the thirst in your heart?



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