connect the cursive

let’s lie a little bit longer
longing for that touch
touch her soul
you’ve sold her on your drugs
this drug is getting addicting
are you an addict yet?
yet will she wait for you
you can keep her tight
tightly hold her heart
heartaches are dripping on the floor
floor it into overdrive and let’s see
see what unfolds in this desert of hope
hope is dangerously pulling at my side
sidelines border this field of rules
let it rule you and let go
go forth and be
be a part of this, that, them, and us
us – a newly formed concept
conceptualize, share, and repeat
repetitive motions in this world
worlds collide and merge
merge your emotions and try again
agony rides over the sunset
the sun sets upon your shoulders and burns
burn out the fear and uncertainty
the future remains certain and open
open your mind
do you you mind the cold?
the cold tries to grasp at your heart
your heartbeat steadily continues
continue forward, leave the path behind
put the past behind you
you can do this, she knows it
it’ll all be magical, if you let it be
be you, be her, be him, be anyone
anyone can change this world
spending time worlds away
it’s a small world in this box we’ve made
make yourself into something new
newly formed ties
tie her up and break it down
you’ll find her down here with a smile on the inside
inside her mind are too many thoughts
she thought she could hide away
please don’t go away into next week
the weaknesses are emerging as she tries to push them back
back up and you’ll see the bigger picture
picture her in the future frame
reframe that memory with a new piece of the pie
take a piece of the pie without asking like they all do
do you give it away for free?
free yourself with one substance or another
another mistake or just a good story?
story time is her favorite moment in time
time that exit perfectly, she thinks
thinking out loud again didn’t get her in trouble this time around
around the corner you can paint with the colors
color her happy
happy hippie crazy child
chisel those titles on the hearthstone
stone cold sober
and she’s drunk off his kiss
kiss me with every measure of your being
being homesick for something other than those four walls
wall her up and tear them down, she’ll wait
waiting for the pieces to collide
collisions in her mind and it’s a jumbled mess
messy souls aren’t necessarily broken ones
one to rule them all
all or nothing
nothing has felt like this
this is when she smiles internally and wave at the emotions saunter on by
buy her time and sell it to the highest bidder
bid her adieu and catch her as she trips over the words
words ring her dry
dry out your tears
tear apart the lies
lie with her a little bit longer



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