the glass is dripping

they say you get cynical as you get older
but I think we just spend our time wishing in the past and future.
we, ourselves, are fluid
and yet we look and only see glass,
a solid state that’s really just in slow motion
it’s a slow process
one moment here
one day here
we see the same everyday
but look back years
and you’ll see a completely different person
why can’t we hold onto that
and take it with us daily?
is there a pill we can swallow to remember we’ve changed?
there’s a bottle we can chug to forget
so is there a cake we can eat to remember?
did Alice only make it through wonderland because she was a child?
can we make it if we go back to the playground as adults?

two birds sitting in a tree
they’re singing the day in
but at night where do they go?
can they sleep on that ledge?
is it safe to sleep on the edge?



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