fireflies & cast aways

if we cloak ourselves in daggers
are we guarding ourselves
or simply hurting ourselves intentionally?
in this house of cards
are you holding the glue
or making the wind?
if we can’t change the past or the future
and we only have this moment in time
can it be anything and everything
or will it crumble under the pressure?
can you see the sky through the stained glass
or have you blocked out the light?
do you want to see your truth
or only talk about it?
if there are two sides to every story
which side are you on?
are you spreading rumors with a smile
or under lock and key?
if the pirate falls in love with the siren
will he be eaten alive
or do we have another fairy tale?
does that bird know more than just the bars of her cage
or does she enjoy her box?
if you put your heart inside the center of a Russian doll,
where is the buried treasure in the center of your soul?
once love is lost,
is it lost forever
or do we discontinue the journey to look for it?
if the grass is dead,
do you water it or rip it out?
do you mend that fence
or tear it down?
is your life a sand castle
or a cathedral?



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