red light district

I need you.
all her training has taught her
to keep this feeling
buried deep.
six feet deep is deep enough
for this secret.
how many songs teach us:
be independent,
no team,
hard work let’s you climb that ladder.
your heart is breaking
and I see it on your face
but you can’t mend those wounds.
you’ve ripped the stitches so many times,
you don’t feel them anymore

I need you,
she whispers in her sleep,
her subconscious fights with her voice box
in the daylight
but as the sun sets
her resolve dwindles to a simmer.
it’ll stay on the back burner.
she’s hoping,
just this once
her transparent features help her out
when the words fail her

I need you,
she whispers in the dark,
to herself
the fox and the hound
chase one another in the night
can they be friends or remain enemies?

I need you,
as her hands falter at the zipper.
she’s trying to hide her heart and soul
the rules are tearing at the seams
that keep her stitched together.
those lines on her face are from smiling
but is that smile real?
she desperate to break out
and break it all.
if it’s in pieces, it can’t be broken again.

she’ll keep whispering since no one is listening anyways.
she could fight the winds
and fight fate,
but what’s the point?
if destiny calls,
do you answer?

I need you,
she pretends it’ll be enough,
that she’ll be enough
to make him stay.
maybe she burn herself
so no one can burn her first.
words are like a hot brand on her skin
but enough layers will hide those scars.
she speaks casually
as if nothing matters,
because nothing matters
then why is she clenching her fist?
if only love really could heal it all
and change her past.

if you walk the red light district
in the daylight,
is it the same?
enough lies stack the day
and the game is won



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