two years later

with monsters under the bed
and a few in our minds
it’s nice to have a hand to hold
or someone to look up to
they do it first
and you can do it more confidently the second time around
your hands might still be shaking
but that’s okay.
someone to let you cry it out
or laugh it out until you get a headache.
from sharing a peach silk quilted bed
to stepping into a new city
to countless moves
and redos.
for all the translations
and tears shed while on the floor.
for plaid pants and two yards
and a shared language
and shared scars,
a light in the dark
and the voice that says “let’s give it a try”
for a safety net in an ocean of people
for a space where judgement does not reside
and only soft and hard truths remain
for the times to ask for help
and the times they know your limits

for this day, I like this day
welcome to the world
I’ll join you two years later



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