his heart was melting into ice
he could see the winds coming to take him away
he wanted to be strong enough,
to be what they’ve told him to be
but enough dishonest ideas don’t build a person,
they tear him down.
he wants to fight,
he wants to do the right thing
and in all that he will do nothing.
he is as frozen on the frostbite on his lips.
they’ve been untouched for quite sometime,
not for lack of trying.
they’re cold because no one has broken the seal
and cracked his insides apart.
he’s gotten his fill
but it wasn’t deep enough to break up the soil,
it was only the surface layer.
he assumed this was all there was,
so he accepted it.
this is what they say after all
so it must be true.

inside his stomach was a fire,
a fire that burned but he kept down,
he wanted to roar
and be the lion
but he seemed to bring out his claws at the wrong time,
so he’ll declaw himself,
and silence his voice
in order to keep from hurting anyone
but he ends up burning himself from the inside out.
it’ll be a great story to tell
if it ever changes
but for now it is what it is
and he knows nothing different.

cold and hot
fire and ice
he wants to burn it all down
so he freezes it all up



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