dragons breathe ice

if i love
and you love
but we don’t love each other
what are we left with?
can they go unanswered
and can we go on?
can the dreams be big enough
to be just out of reach
but reachable?
what are you craving
and what melts your soul?
can you hold up another
if your grip is faltering for yourself?
a life and death split second decision
that change the course of history.
can you even see them
as they fly by?

if no one notices,
did it even happen?

if you burn enough
do you become numb to the pain?
do you become numb to the joy?
is it a fair trade
no pain, no joy.
it’s even, right?

did that breaking make a sound
only internally
or can the whole world hear as well?
do you want them to hear?
silent games of charades
and guess the mood,
is getting old.
find those eggshells
and quietly walk across them.
don’t wake the sleeping dragon
or he’ll bite your head off.
throw them all in the pile
and light it up.
the lies,
the myths, truths,
the heads of the pasts,
watch it burn
and hope no one becomes a ghost to haunt your future.



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