glitter or blood

pull back that curtain
put it back in its place
hide the shame and clenched teeth.
the wizard of oz isn’t a master of anything,
he’s just a boy
trying his darnedest to be good enough,
to something other than a disappointment.
he puts on a show
with sarcasm and a sharp tongue
but half truths are still half true.
his words drip with disdain and disgust for himself
mixed with arrogance to make up for it all.
it’s a potent drink,
a lethal combination in your glass.

the wizard of oz is just a boy.
he’s turning down the wrong path again
and will beat himself up again for it.
if you’re in his sights
you’ll take the wrath as well
but only when no one is watching.
no witnesses are best.
your crazy won’t hold up in court
and that’s exactly what he’s hoping for:
a sliver of doubt and mistrust in yourself.
he’ll find that crack in the dark of night
and pry it open with gentle words and a crowbar.

the wizard of oz likes his corners,
cutting them
and putting people in them.

the real heart of the tale is
why is Dorothy falling for these smoke and mirrors again?



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