why is the rum gone?

the push and pull
we’re running in circles again.
there’s a wall there.
cut that corner,
let’s start over.
new levels to beat
and new lives to lose.
heartache, confusion,
pain, push, push, pull,
try again.
okay maybe.

what are you thinking?
what is she thinking?
do your intentions wrangle the tiger back in?
“don’t let your monster out of the cage
it’ll be too hard to get him back in”
if you’re too polite,
they’ll walk over you.
if you’re too blunt,
you’ll burn some bridges.
it’s all polite and a free for all attack at the same time.
if you know and they know,
but no one shares,
then do we know anything?

“everyone has a secret”
or a few more
but that’s the way of life.
this and that and all those misunderstandings
let’s sweep them under the rug.
wow, that rug is getting bumpy.
we might just trip over it one of these days
and boom,
ood or bad?
it might be the best
but walk through fire and you’ll think otherwise.

running in circles,
are we winning any trophies yet?
is your trophy shelf full yet?
or is it all for “good efforts”
and “missed chances”?

if we hold on long enough,
do we get rewarded?
is there a guarantee?
“there’s never any guarantees.”
it’s all just how the world spins madly on.
are you spinning
or are you mad?
are you even apart of this “world” anymore?
do you want to be?
then why does it feel like the world is crushing you?

hum and ha
inhale and exhale.
let’s start over.
let’s erase.
let’s try again.
in and out.
back and forth.
you may never win one of these days,
just know it may not matter
but if it matters to you,
then it matters.
do you need that trophy?
do you need that pat on the back?
do you need anyone?
does anyone need anyone?
are we all robots in this earthly space?
do we get on the conveyor belt
and never get off?
has the conductor deemed you worthy?
what of the sailors,
what do they think of you?

more importantly, dear quiet soul,
what do you think of yourself?
ah, there’s the rub.



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