feel your pulse

if the words don’t jump off the page
and the lyrics aren’t beating in your soul
then maybe you should press fast forward.
if your mind is wandering
and it lands on you,
then maybe press pause,
wait here,
wait until it stops stuttering,
until the world stops spinning in your vision.

take a sip,
pass that pipe,
inhale, exhale,
start again,
open up,
shut down
and reimagine.

if we’re along the path
but it’s breaking beneath our feet
maybe you need to go into the unwritten part

in the silence, you’ll see much more
than you thought was there.
but in the silence
out comes the monsters
and the other imaginative ideas
that can tear you apart
and lift you up.
it’s a double edged sword
that you’re swinging against yourself.
do you bleed if you’re the one doing the damage?
if you ask the questions
and answer them,
have you written the great American novel
and solved world hunger
or just opened your eyes this morning?

is that enough?
are you enough?
can your skin make it through this oven?
can we numb it all up
and dress it all down
and still make it through the day?

if we’re spouting words
but not making change
are we changing anything but the vibrations?

and now we just sit in silence.
today, we might be grinning.
tomorrow, we might be crying.
the unknowns and knowable
are seeping through the cracks again.
do we board it up
or let the mess become a beautiful painting?
looking back, you’ll see the masterpiece,
but in the thick of it all,
it’s just a mess.

scattered thoughts
splash through the lake
making ripples that carry out
and die along the opposite shore.
they’ll break along another part of the world
for another to see or feel.
they may not know who caused it
but they can feel the effects.

zip up your lips
and tape up those pores
that are oozing with opinions.
we sit here and can feel your pulse
but we don’t want to today.
today we want productivity
and a smile,
today we ask for your skills
and not your feelings.
today is another day,
you wrap it up
and present it in a new set of paper.
take down that tree
to reconstruct that idea
and make it acceptable.

if we drown it out
without drowning ourselves,
we deserve the gold medal
for making something out of nothing.
the trophy case is empty today
and there were no thieves in the night,
there weren’t any destruction and damage to report,
it’s empty
and it’s echoing off the nicely painted walls.



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