start again

break the skin
break the mold
break it all
watch it fall
and shatter on the floor,
a beautiful mess of the pieces
you thought you needed,
a jumbled pile of your tears,
fears, and ideas.
it’ll break but keep going
it might burn you to the core
but keep going.
one foot in front of the other
you only need to see right in front of you
feel the mist from the fog,
drink it in and keep going.
the terrain might change
and the crowd watching might evolve
some may grow
some may take another path
but keep going.
they’ll paint you with their own colors
but it doesn’t have to be what you call art.
you can create it with your own paint set.
you see,
they see,
we perceive and guess.
paint it up, tear it down
but you haven’t failed
keep going
keep creating
let it burn and start over
it’s all okay
and we’re just dancing here
take your A to B
and let it down,
start on any letter,
start anywhere
but just start.
start with a little or a lot
or none at all,
start with your heart in your hands
or behind bars,
but start somewhere.

the sun will rise again,
will you?




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