two weeks of push and pull
and baited breath,
wishing and wanting
but silence ensued.
it wasn’t an elegant dance of time and variables
but a clunky combination of missteps and tears.
the kind that sneak up on you
when you least expect it
and take the wind right out of your lungs.

you push and pull yourself to get up,
to get it together
and yet entropy seems to always take the trophy in the end.
a full moon of messes
where the clock smirks at you
with sharp teeth hidden behind its lips.
you wait and cautiously step
as the pathway seem to disappear in front of you.

you push and pull the map in order to make it fit the scenario you see ahead
but nothing seems to fit much like you hope it would.
trial and error and more errors to your left and right.
you take a deep breath and realize you’re under water.
take a look around and find the beauty
while you make the struggle to breathe.
but the water seems to wash away the colors and blood.
the push and pull of a job well attempted



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