alphabet soup

if A is in love with B
but B is in love with C
and C and D are best friends,
and D and F feeling like they’re failing
where does that leave us?

a lot of the time the structure and feedback
leaves us in circles,
grasping at straws
in hopes we find some answer.
in all the words and letters,
all were left with is a bowl of alphabet soup.
tasty but doesn’t make a lot of sense.

does this mean we pour it down the sink
or give it to the cat?
not necessarily.
filter it out and try again?
maybe we find a mouth piece to convert our gibberish into something
maybe we take the time to create a key for another
then the mess is a game to figure out
maybe all the letters don’t find a home
and end up scrambled up in a pie.
maybe that’s just the way it is.



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