carry on your carry-on

rainy days and quiet winds
time measured in ounces of water
and steps taken.
fears and unknowns come out in bursts,
like fireworks that’s broken.
get them out,
it’ll be pretty to someone.

this show of solidarity is waning.
the tide comes in and goes out,
where is your mind?
has the oceans reached your heart
and taken it over yet?
do you want it to?
the push and pull,
the distractions,
and numbing solutions
that seem to bring their own luggage.
carry on your carry-on
and see what pushes you forward.

a light out in the middle of the tumultuous seas
is still a light,
faint and far away
but that does not negate its presence.
hold onto the rails,
we’re going through.
find your footing
and lose it again,
find your breath and let it go.
in and out,
as the waves crash
breaking your spirit and hopefully not your soul.

you’re a resilient little being,
much like the trees;
seasons go by
and they’re still standing.
they might have lost all their leaves
and feel a little disheveled,
they’re not a rose after all.
they might not have the perfume right now
to hook anyone in
but they’ll be here next season,
dig their roots deep and make it through it all.



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