shade & shadows

the world is in a state of shock
not of the awe in beauty of this world
but of the destruction
and how easily we create it from our own thoughts and words.
we shape the reality we live in
and we can hide just as easily that way.

control slips out the window
and down the rabbit hole
and Alice is left wondering, again.
is she going to do anything about the rabbit
that just seems to always be out of her grasp?
is this a task she is challenging herself to?
does someone else challenge her?
does it matter if anything changes?

does the earth shake if the sun doesn’t show up on that side of the country?
do the heavens question our decisions?
does anyone listen to Margaret in the quiet that she speaks
from off her bathroom floor?
is there light at the end of the tunnel
or simply no exit?
can Mary turn back around
and change her stars
or simply live with her choices?

what if love isn’t big enough
to cover the pain,
to contain it?
what if the fear is all consuming
and wakes you up at night with a start?
does the adrenaline push you in any direction
or are you floating in all directions
as your energy is expelled, transferred, and used up
all in what seems like an instant
but really is years upon years?

are the words enough to change
or evoke change
or to inspire?
can there be a change,
a positive one?
one of hope and a new light,
rather than darkness and confusion?

are you going to be that light?
can you be anything if the darkness seems to feel like a safe place to stay?
if the shade feels warm to the touch
because you’ve fooled your senses long enough
that hot is cold and cold is hot.
are you numbed to the realities that fall in front of your eyes?
can we stay numb?
should we stay in a place of isolation and under the palm tree leaves,
never venturing outside the shadows?

if a rat lives in the shadows
and only comes out in the light when starving,
what is a flower doing in the sewers
and how on earth is it surviving?



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