Alice is at it again

down the rabbit hole we go,
twirling and spinning around.
I’m covered in dirt, aren’t I?
is it in my teeth too?
can you tell me the truth
or is my reflection lying again?
is it all smoke and mirrors
and a room full of steam?

she’s spinning and twirling
but this doesn’t look much like a dance at all.
it’s just a mess of letters and numbers.
is the code in here somewhere?
can we break the lock instead?
will it open the treasure chest for her
or simply grow a mouth to grin at her and laugh?

she’s stepping forward,
one muddy boot at a time,
the mad hatter is calling her name.
she might make a pit stop for a minute or a day.
this seems to be the party where the crazies are,
I like this party.
I belong here.

she sticks out a dirty hand forward to greet them,
but the mouse pipes up with a squeak
and then resumes his drowsy sounds.
the Mad Hatter has too much on his mind,
after all, his shoulders are getting a little heavy
carrying the weight of the world
or at least the weight of his ego,
in that big top hat of his.

she’ll twirl a little more
then it’s off to the races.
the flowers are talking again.
what radio station do we tune into to listen?
she’ll just watch them move their lips
in silence.
does she really need to hear it anyways?
it’s a much more fun game to make up the words anyhow.

is it lying if it’s not the truth
but it’s your idea of the truth?

Alice continues to fall
but this time it’s more of a float,
or so she thinks.
can anyone else witness this fall and tell?
can you she make up the tale to tell?
will the creatures share her secrets?
she smiles
and hopes for their friendship.

off to the forest of flowers
who hate her.
well, this was unexpected.
she traipses as quietly and quietly as possible.
“Let’s go talk to the caterpillar,
he seemed to have some ideas.”
all crazy
but hey, ideas are ideas.
she’ll take them.

let’s run against the tide
and see if we can stay dry.
this plan seems to be working very well
and by very well,
she means she’s soaked.
let’s set that on fire.
that’ll make it all better.
fire but dry.
it’s all just grand in the land of Wonderland.




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