Alice is running in place again

present but absent in the bubble
bubbles come to the surface
all this surface area is lacking for my personal space
but the space between us is too far.
I dislike the faraway stares and listlessness
lists seem to fill the time but not the void.
I’d like to be void of all these questions
she’s questioning herself again of course
this course of action seems to be set in place
where is your place in this world?
worlds apart and she’s pacing again.
ask me that question again, make the words stop spinning.
please don’t spin those facts around in your own mind.
they tell you to mind your own business
but everyone is failing miserably at keeping the peace.
just a little peace of mind would be all it takes
but you’ve taken that with you into the woods and around the corner.
Pocahontas is just off waiting for what’s just around the river bend.
she seems to need to learn how to her her own stories and rules for a new day.
clear as day and night, black and white, this and that…
at least that’s what the Cheshire Cat has to say.

say what you will
but show it on your sleeve.
clean it up, wipe it off, dust it off.
your heart seems to still be beating,
maybe not in your chest anymore,
it seems to have migrated a little the right.
as we try to re-write the wrongs done to one another,
with a smile and the attempts of what love is.
we like our boxes and routines
and our animals do too
but the animal inside seems to want out of the cage you’ve put it in.

in and out, up and down, here we go around in circles again.
“If we can’t have this, we just can’t go on.”
the humans are restless, they want a new–
but what is that news cycle saying again?
let’s put it on mute and walk through the glass ceiling.
space dwindles as we finally become connected
but there’s blood on the shattered glass,
do we want to cross this threshold?
is this the right step?
or should we side swipe the whole situation?
A talks to B but Z is getting lonely all the way in the back by himself.
all he wants is a friend,
all he needs is a little connection.

connect, disconnect,
plug and unplug, try again.
Failure looks so much more menacing in the daylight.
his teeth seem to need a cleaning,
as does his body needs a wash.
take Failure out back and dispose of him.
“You forgot to say please.”

Distance is slowly distancing itself from her heart
and she’s wondering how it all pans out.
join and try, push and pull,
retreat and start a new.
all in all, it’s not wrapped in a little bow for you.
New doesn’t have a bell on her collar,
you’re going to have to go look for her.

new is old and old is new
but the cycle turns itself on the head,
up becomes down and wrong is right.
“Ah we’re in Wonderland again. I knew we’d end up here,”
Alice turns to the White Rabbit with a smile
but he’s already gone



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