DON’T – blackness swallow you whole

we’ve all agreed to these rules
red is stop
green is go.
but what about yes and no?
what about explicit or subtleties?
what about the guessing game of flirting and consent?
what about humanity and our inalienable rights?

that seem to go by the wayside
and some support this notion.
some support the idea that bullying is okay
and that we can make fun of others to the point where they hide in their rooms
and cry or slash or plan an attack.
how the fuck did we get here
and how do change fabric interlaced in the American flag?
divide and conquer.
draw those lines and shoot those that dare to cross.

when did ‘us and them’ become acceptable
and why are we still allowing it to punch through our day dreams?
when words fail, violence seems like the next step
but what if we could go before the words
and express it all non verbally.

9/11 we all came together
but what about the attacks in the dark corners of suburbia?
there’s no memorial service for lost innocence,
no counter attack for tears shed.

hand in hand, we speak of unity and spew out hatred.
wake the fuck up
and use your own hands, your own words, your own actions and change the narrative.
maybe today is your day
maybe tomorrow someone can carry the torch for you
and maybe yesterday you were in that dark corner.
there’s enough of us on this planet to help each other out once in awhile.
get it together and remember
we are each a soul with cracks and patches and broken pieces stuck together
with the scraps of humanity.
share some.
find some.
go be the answer for one moment for someone else.
you’d be surprised what one moment can do to a life



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