Hippie Deodorant #benicetoyourbody

So we all use it, daily. Hopefully.
I’ve discovered through trial and error and found a couple healthier, less toxic deodorants that exist in this world that don’t have aluminum in them to clog up your pores. Now why is this bad? Number one, because your pores are made to breathe, let them breathe. Number two, having aluminum that close to your lymph nodes, which are a part of the massive lymph system that helps keep you alive and not sick, is not a good thing.

  1. Crystal
    This one is my favorite. It comes in different forms but keep an open mind when you first switch over. The salt stick is the one I use but apparently the roll on works just as great. The salt does not clog up the pore, so you still sweat, but it doesn’t smell. Hurray!
  2. DoTerra
    This one is the most similar to “regular” deodorants because it’s a waxy base and you rub it on. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, otherwise it did the job. You know when you switch perfumes or body wash and suddenly you feel like someone else is following you, then you realize it’s you that smells different? Yeah, it felt like that. It has more of a woods smell with cypress, tea tree, and cedar wood as it’s main ingredients.
  3. Tom’s
    Also has a similar waxy base and rub on type of vibage going on. Although Tom’s is a company I really love because their products are nice to the animals and usually vegan, this one I had a reaction too but that just might be my skin. It was a no-go for me but maybe an option for other skin types. (I’m also crazy sensitive to jewelry and such.)

    When you switch over from the normal flowery high school gym room smelling deodorants to almost O-natural, let your body process the old aluminum out. It’s recommended to take a couple days and not wear anything. (You might want to do this not in the middle of summer when you’re at someone’s family BBQ.) Be gross, sweat out the aluminum, then start up using the natural one. Again, this was through trial and error. Find what you like and stick with that. Your lymph nodes will thank you and probably so will nature.


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