in the quiet

in a world full of suns and moons
and everything in between
where do you lie?
where do you rest your soul?
does your soul have a name?
does it have an essence or presence that parts the Red Sea
or is it a quieter one that calms the deep dark depths of the oceans?
whichever, it is your soul
and it is within you.

or maybe you have locked your soul in a cage
or maybe you gave it to another person or being?
maybe it’s trapped in that one plant that rests on your coffee table.
that’s fine too.
wherever it is, maybe it’s just resting
but you can pick it back up later.
reset the doing and undoings
and see where you are.

maybe the world keeps spinning around you
or maybe it doesn’t even know you’re there
because you’ve done a superb job at staying minuscule,
that’s fine too.
whatever is will be
and whatever works for you, is fine.

no one is really looking
and no one even glanced this way.
a stain there, a rip here,
it’s all the same to everyone anyways.
the wind blows,
the sun sets,
and you slip into night.
your night.
your space.
that’s fine too.

a reset
a new start
a repeat
a new beginning
fly and find the wind.
find your wind.
find your space.

maybe it is in the pantry
or maybe it’s on the floor.
be and let be.





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