roll the credits

she was fighting the tears
she felt as if her soul might drown
but keep it together,
someone is counting on you.
no one is
but if you don’t lie to yourself you won’t make it to when the sun sets
and the moon take flight
and you can hide your pain

judgements flutter in and out of your consciousness
as you try to keep your eyes alive and friendly
the smile is at your mouth
but hasn’t reached your eyes today

the birds would like to sing their song
but you’re not listening to them either

she’s forcing the ocean to stay still
as it crashes to the sand.
you have no push or pull at all.
you’re jello
or a substance that’s much like an amoeba.
absorb this, try that,
try again.

keep the thoughts away,
find the sun.
it’s hiding too.
rain on your parade
as you parade your love in the streets.
you’re lying to yourself,
there’s no parade.
besides you don’t even know where to start.
so the parade is an internal conversation
that you keep playing over and over,
the tape is getting stuck in the player.
hopefully it doesn’t swallow it this time.
you’ll find another track to play on repeat
as the wheel spins madly in place.

the top keeps spinning
but it’s leaning.
do you catch it?
do you kick it aside
and stomp out its existence?

let’s roll the credits here




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