mirrored years

who were you two years ago?
who are you two years now?
the gap in time
seems punctuated with disappointments,
heartaches and birthdays.
if this is the life you’re living
are we living?
this lack of sleep is draining on me,
but my body is alive for those late night adventures
and back to back events.
can we run on these fumes indefinitely?
if this fire burns bright in the dark,
where is it in the daylight?
I want to hop out of bed on a mission
to change this world
where did the passion go?
we sit and quiet down,
is this life?
I’d like to rewrite history
by changing the present.
do I have the tools,
one step
or one leap?
can there be real change
if we’re chained to the habits we’ve created?
everything is easier said than done,
until we’ve tied our tongues
in a world aimless path
and wandering eyes,
where do we look for the answers?

“Silence your thoughts
and open your mind”

yeah, well fuck you



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