dragons breathe ice

if i love
and you love
but we don’t love each other
what are we left with?
can they go unanswered
and can we go on?
can the dreams be big enough
to be just out of reach
but reachable?
what are you craving
and what melts your soul?
can you hold up another
if your grip is faltering for yourself?
a life and death split second decision
that change the course of history.
can you even see them
as they fly by?

if no one notices,
did it even happen?

if you burn enough
do you become numb to the pain?
do you become numb to the joy?
is it a fair trade
no pain, no joy.
it’s even, right?

did that breaking make a sound
only internally
or can the whole world hear as well?
do you want them to hear?
silent games of charades
and guess the mood,
is getting old.
find those eggshells
and quietly walk across them.
don’t wake the sleeping dragon
or he’ll bite your head off.
throw them all in the pile
and light it up.
the lies,
the myths, truths,
the heads of the pasts,
watch it burn
and hope no one becomes a ghost to haunt your future.



electrified nursery rhyme

if love and lust are sitting in a tree,
are they kissing or having sex?
are they polite to one another,
exchanging pleasantries
and asking how their day is
or is the electricity between them too intense to contain?
do your fingertips have a purpose
when they brush across the daisies
or another being’s flesh?

if your soul can commune with the universe,
then what is your body doing?
is it here to fill the space
or be a vessel for some other mastermind?


red light district

I need you.
all her training has taught her
to keep this feeling
buried deep.
six feet deep is deep enough
for this secret.
how many songs teach us:
be independent,
no team,
hard work let’s you climb that ladder.
your heart is breaking
and I see it on your face
but you can’t mend those wounds.
you’ve ripped the stitches so many times,
you don’t feel them anymore

I need you,
she whispers in her sleep,
her subconscious fights with her voice box
in the daylight
but as the sun sets
her resolve dwindles to a simmer.
it’ll stay on the back burner.
she’s hoping,
just this once
her transparent features help her out
when the words fail her

I need you,
she whispers in the dark,
to herself
the fox and the hound
chase one another in the night
can they be friends or remain enemies?

I need you,
as her hands falter at the zipper.
she’s trying to hide her heart and soul
the rules are tearing at the seams
that keep her stitched together.
those lines on her face are from smiling
but is that smile real?
she desperate to break out
and break it all.
if it’s in pieces, it can’t be broken again.

she’ll keep whispering since no one is listening anyways.
she could fight the winds
and fight fate,
but what’s the point?
if destiny calls,
do you answer?

I need you,
she pretends it’ll be enough,
that she’ll be enough
to make him stay.
maybe she burn herself
so no one can burn her first.
words are like a hot brand on her skin
but enough layers will hide those scars.
she speaks casually
as if nothing matters,
because nothing matters
then why is she clenching her fist?
if only love really could heal it all
and change her past.

if you walk the red light district
in the daylight,
is it the same?
enough lies stack the day
and the game is won


fireflies & cast aways

if we cloak ourselves in daggers
are we guarding ourselves
or simply hurting ourselves intentionally?
in this house of cards
are you holding the glue
or making the wind?
if we can’t change the past or the future
and we only have this moment in time
can it be anything and everything
or will it crumble under the pressure?
can you see the sky through the stained glass
or have you blocked out the light?
do you want to see your truth
or only talk about it?
if there are two sides to every story
which side are you on?
are you spreading rumors with a smile
or under lock and key?
if the pirate falls in love with the siren
will he be eaten alive
or do we have another fairy tale?
does that bird know more than just the bars of her cage
or does she enjoy her box?
if you put your heart inside the center of a Russian doll,
where is the buried treasure in the center of your soul?
once love is lost,
is it lost forever
or do we discontinue the journey to look for it?
if the grass is dead,
do you water it or rip it out?
do you mend that fence
or tear it down?
is your life a sand castle
or a cathedral?


connect the cursive

let’s lie a little bit longer
longing for that touch
touch her soul
you’ve sold her on your drugs
this drug is getting addicting
are you an addict yet?
yet will she wait for you
you can keep her tight
tightly hold her heart
heartaches are dripping on the floor
floor it into overdrive and let’s see
see what unfolds in this desert of hope
hope is dangerously pulling at my side
sidelines border this field of rules
let it rule you and let go
go forth and be
be a part of this, that, them, and us
us – a newly formed concept
conceptualize, share, and repeat
repetitive motions in this world
worlds collide and merge
merge your emotions and try again
agony rides over the sunset
the sun sets upon your shoulders and burns
burn out the fear and uncertainty
the future remains certain and open
open your mind
do you you mind the cold?
the cold tries to grasp at your heart
your heartbeat steadily continues
continue forward, leave the path behind
put the past behind you
you can do this, she knows it
it’ll all be magical, if you let it be
be you, be her, be him, be anyone
anyone can change this world
spending time worlds away
it’s a small world in this box we’ve made
make yourself into something new
newly formed ties
tie her up and break it down
you’ll find her down here with a smile on the inside
inside her mind are too many thoughts
she thought she could hide away
please don’t go away into next week
the weaknesses are emerging as she tries to push them back
back up and you’ll see the bigger picture
picture her in the future frame
reframe that memory with a new piece of the pie
take a piece of the pie without asking like they all do
do you give it away for free?
free yourself with one substance or another
another mistake or just a good story?
story time is her favorite moment in time
time that exit perfectly, she thinks
thinking out loud again didn’t get her in trouble this time around
around the corner you can paint with the colors
color her happy
happy hippie crazy child
chisel those titles on the hearthstone
stone cold sober
and she’s drunk off his kiss
kiss me with every measure of your being
being homesick for something other than those four walls
wall her up and tear them down, she’ll wait
waiting for the pieces to collide
collisions in her mind and it’s a jumbled mess
messy souls aren’t necessarily broken ones
one to rule them all
all or nothing
nothing has felt like this
this is when she smiles internally and wave at the emotions saunter on by
buy her time and sell it to the highest bidder
bid her adieu and catch her as she trips over the words
words ring her dry
dry out your tears
tear apart the lies
lie with her a little bit longer


a new hat

if a bird loves a fish,
where would they live?
if a mermaid loves the wind,
where do they meet?
if you ask the wind questions
but he doesn’t have the answers,
who do you turn to?
if heaven isn’t quite sure either
and the Earth groans for a release
but can’t find the words,
how do they carry on a conversation?
if 2 + 2 has to equal 4
then what about the times in the dark
when spirits dance with shadows
and everyone puts on a new hat.
what about the times
where the past laid the yellow brick road
but you’re not sure if it’s a trap
or solid ground you’re standing on.
if there’s no kiddy pool, bumpers, or training wheels,
how do we learn to fly?


return to sender

formula one:
boy likes girl
boy is too shy to say anything
girl works up the courage and tells him
they live happily ever after

formula two:
girl likes boy
girl is too scared
and tries to be subtle about it
he knows the whole time
and plays along
it’s just a game to pass the time
girl is crushed

formula three:
boy and girl like each other
but are best friends
and neither does anything about it
still lives happily ever after

do you think the A + B = C
is it all that black and white in your mind?
say something nice,
that’s all she wants to hear.
give her what you think she wants.
see past her and not through her
it must be the right way to go about this
pat yourself on the back
because you’re congratulating yourself,
she’s wrapping that “compliment” back up
and returning it to the sender
but you’re too busy to notice

it’s about the small subtleties and nuances
light her soul on fire,
don’t just speak the words you think
her “small girl mind” needs to hear.
while they’re all crying into their pillows
for fear of dying alone,
she’ll be out building herself up.
while they’re at chick flicks,
drooling over the male lead
she’ll be working her ass off.
not for her future boyfriend,
no to catch your attention,
not to see if she can lure the one in,
she’s fighting for herself,
to remind herself she’s alive
and this is the best feeling.

so pack up your pleasantries
and low level bullshit
and be on your way.
take your own energies and balance them.

she’ll be over here,
not waiting for you,
not wishing for the wind to change your mind,
not fearful of the unknown,
she’s got her own world to spin