undies #nicetotheplanet

Looking for –

nice to their workers – fair wages & conditions
plant materials – no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides
low environment impact (renewable fabrics, less waste, less pollution from factories, less water used, conscious choices in packaging, less plastic)

Best and final choices:

1. TomboyX

inclusive! (women, men, non binary, trans, whatever you are)
briefs, bras, thongs, etc.

2.  Sloane and Tate

LA sourced
made for women by women
briefs, bras, tanks, etc.

3. Pact

fair trade & organic materials – super soft
Boulder, CO originated – materials from India
briefs, bras, thongs, etc.





Azura Bay

multiple brands on one site

Boody Wear

Australia & San Diego, CA
bamboo material

Uye Surana

Uses reclaimed dead stock fabrics
lingerie/fancier styles


floss #nicetotheplanet


bamboo floss (not polyester fibers which don’t breakdown ever)
glass container
recycled paper packaging
vegan – no animal testing & not made of silk from silk worms

I’ve looked for bamboo biodegradable toothbrushes without nylon brushes. If you find a brand or two, let me know.

period options #nicetotheplanet #nicetoyourbody


one and one (like tom’s shoes)
inclusive language
can’t have in during sex
12 hours okay
silicone medical grade, no latex, bpa or chemicals
cute carrying case
eco friendly/reusable

made in Canada
silicone medical grade
12 hours okay
can have in during sex

100% organic cotton only
no dyes or perfumes
cardboard applicator (smooth to use)
paper wrapping
subscription, ships to your door, cancel at anytime

Learning the things #savetheplanet

3 things I’ve learned to save the planet:

1. There’s beeswax wraps for your food instead of foil or plastic wrap. (You can also just put your leftover food in tupperwave or glass in the fridge.)


2. Mason jars are magic.
Apparently if you can bring them into the grocery store, weigh them empty, then add your bulk items and weigh again.
I’m super stoked my local Safeway has been adding bulk items.

3. You can rent an eBook from any library with the OverDrive app. Pretty nifty.
(Secret tip: if you download the book on a device, then turn off the WiFi, the library can’t take it off your device even if the book is due back in. Boom.)

Cool new YouTuber: Lavendaire

Animal-friendly brands in YOUR Target #savetheplanet #benicetoanimals #vegan

Do you ever feel like you want to save the planet and all the animals in it but there are so many other fuckers who are just out there fucking it up? Yeah, me too. Does it even matter if I buy this eco/vegan-friendly whatever product since we have such bigger problems in this world? Some days I would say, no, it doesn’t matter. But other days, I would shout a hells yeah! Since today is one of the quieter days where I feel like it doesn’t matter, I’m going to remind myself (and you, reader) that it actually does make a difference.

Think of it like in gaining or losing weight (or muscle). There’s a point where suddenly everyone is like, “Oh, you’ve lost weight” or “Look at that muscle definition.” While little ol’ you has been over here eating salads for months and trying not to eat the 17th cookie. You see you everyday, so there’s no difference. But every tiny minuscule choice that you make adds up and makes the body mass you are. This is a magical thing (and also annoying) ’cause you can make a difference with one choice at a time.

Same thing with saving the planet. If you choose to buy that product that is nice to the animals and doesn’t have a whole bunch of chemical crap in it, it’s telling the market that this is what the consumer wants. So when the factories and big companies make their plans for next year’s products, they know WE want to have less chemicals, more natural ingredients, and we would rather be nice to the creatures, not use them.

All this verbage is to say, make that choice, that small tiny little choice. Then when you make 17,000 choices a day, your sending messages out there and striding down a better path.

Concrete examples of things I’ve found at Target (who doesn’t love Target?!!):

1. Compostable trash bags
Shout out to my sister for finding these!

2. Seventh generation cleaning supplies

3. S.W. Basics (make-up/skin care)
5 ingredients or less, for everything!

fellow planet-saver