Alice is at it again

in a world full of unknowables
and also knowing the options
is just so much happening
if we fall behind
or jump ahead
what do we have?
who are you anyways?

the caterpillar blows his smoke in your face,
with a grin,
is it the drugs or it is his annoying habit of enjoying life?
but Alice digresses.
he smiles that cheshire cat grin,
which the cat does not appreciate him stealing his grin
but the faceless flowers look up to you
and then simultaneously look down at you.
eat this, drink that,
as your sizes go up and down,
the judgement goes up and down.
the flowers like how they bloom
but has an opinion about how you bloom.

shut it out, the experts say.
and yet the noise keeps getting in.
turn up the volume, the punk rock emo kid inside says to you.
the inner child is begging to get out
and that key is jingling on your wrist.
is Alice the only one who can’t seem to use that key?
she’s got mud on her prim and proper shoes
but at least her hand are clean.
then again, that means she hasn’t done anything to make them dirty.

are we just living a clean life?
no fun, no play, just trekking along?

does your inner child have a chance to put something in the suggestion box?
are they silenced?
do you even know what they sound like?

well shit, Alice thought she had this down
but she was wrong.

wrong is wrong.
but the world is not black and white
but a blur of colors.
wrong isn’t wrong,
is it just a new shade?




are you using your eyes?

an eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind
but what if no one is using their eyes in the first place?
have you ever been looked at,
but looked through?
all of us are looking down
at something else
that catches our attention
are we all too self-focused to see anyone else’s invisible tears?
a joke here,
a witty comment there,
to cover up so much more.
a joke might just be that
but how many are more?
how do you help?
how do we lend a hand
when someone might not see your gesture as helpful?
you can’t force your help,
just like you can’t make them drink the tea.

the herd moves this way,
the conversation migrates another direction,
do you speak up
or just ride the winds?

if 2 + 2 =4
and everything shakes down
into some type of order
are you still standing at the end of it all?
should you be?
do you want to
or are you hoping a strong wind will blow you over
and you’ll pick up the pieces then?
the pieces might just be easier to stomach
than the bigger picture



Things I wish I had known as a younger girl in the world of sex:

  1. Just because they’re your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, doesn’t mean you are obligated to have sex (or do anything) with them.
    It is your choice.
  2. Just because you start an intimate act (oral, sex, foreplay, etc.) doesn’t mean you have to complete it.
    You can change your mind midway, just communicate it to your partner. Let them know (verbal or non-verbal) that things have changed.
  3. Talk to someone about the good and the bad sex.
    Pick a safe person, a judgement free person (i.e. best friend, sister, long distance buddy) to talk it out, air it out and let the sex-stigma go. Also in case something that you’re doing is dangerous or just a little off (and I’m not talking about kinky shit), but if something is off and you’re not sure, that person can help you talk it out.#beagoodhuman

Alice skips again

her heart felt as if it was bursting
but not with pain
but with joy.
her cheeks were burning to raise
and create those crinkles on the sides of her eyes.
the world might be burning down
but at least someone loved her.
Alice had found the Mad Hatter
and they would skip hand in hand.
the flowers had put away their snide comments,
the Caterpillar was sharing his smoke
and everyone was feeling a type of cloud bliss.

Alice had even made up with the Queen of Hearts,
she only needed love as well.
someone to hold and to care for.

Chicken Little might have been right
and the sky might still be falling
but at least there was immeasurable joy
that had found a spot inside the house of her heart,
she could do this.



Learning the things #savetheplanet

3 things I’ve learned to save the planet:

1. There’s beeswax wraps for your food instead of foil or plastic wrap. (You can also just put your leftover food in tupperwave or glass in the fridge.)

2. Mason jars are magic.
Apparently if you can bring them into the grocery store, weigh them empty, then add your bulk items and weigh again.
I’m super stoked my local Safeway has been adding bulk items.

3. You can rent an eBook from any library with the OverDrive app. Pretty nifty.
(Secret tip: if you download the book on a device, then turn off the WiFi, the library can’t take it off your device even if the book is due back in. Boom.)

Cool new YouTuber: Lavendaire