Fold your paper towel #savetheplanet

This will change your life. How many times do you pee a day? Don’t answer that.
Since I’m chugging so much water a day (fun fact: you’re supposed to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day. i.e. 140lb, drink 70oz of water)

Anywho, if you end up peeing often throughout the day, you’ll end up washing your hands often as well. (Please tell me we all know you have to wash your hands after you use the restroom? Okay, good.) I stumbled upon this Ted talk about how to fold a paper towel. I’m not sure how I found it in the interwebs but lo and behold, changed my life.

To summarize: 
1. Shake your hands after you wash them to get excess water off

2. Take ONE paper towel (only one!) and fold it in half. Science happens and now more water is absorbed because it’s folded.



Alternatives #reuse #savetheplant

Swap out this for that:


  • paper napkin FOR a cloth napkin

    Cut up an old t-shirt or an old towel that’s falling apart, stick it in your lunch box and viola. Super easy! I found out that I really don’t make a giant mess at each meal, so why do I need a new paper napkin at each meal? I ended up using one cloth one for an entire week of lunches. Refolded and used new fresh corners when necessary and washed it with my clothes at the end of the week. Boom. Done.


Hippie Deodorant #benicetoyourbody

So we all use it, daily. Hopefully.
I’ve discovered through trial and error and found a couple healthier, less toxic deodorants that exist in this world that don’t have aluminum in them to clog up your pores. Now why is this bad? Number one, because your pores are made to breathe, let them breathe. Number two, having aluminum that close to your lymph nodes, which are a part of the massive lymph system that helps keep you alive and not sick, is not a good thing.

  1. Crystal
    This one is my favorite. It comes in different forms but keep an open mind when you first switch over. The salt stick is the one I use but apparently the roll on works just as great. The salt does not clog up the pore, so you still sweat, but it doesn’t smell. Hurray!
  2. DoTerra
    This one is the most similar to “regular” deodorants because it’s a waxy base and you rub it on. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, otherwise it did the job. You know when you switch perfumes or body wash and suddenly you feel like someone else is following you, then you realize it’s you that smells different? Yeah, it felt like that. It has more of a woods smell with cypress, tea tree, and cedar wood as it’s main ingredients.
  3. Tom’s
    Also has a similar waxy base and rub on type of vibage going on. Although Tom’s is a company I really love because their products are nice to the animals and usually vegan, this one I had a reaction too but that just might be my skin. It was a no-go for me but maybe an option for other skin types. (I’m also crazy sensitive to jewelry and such.)

    When you switch over from the normal flowery high school gym room smelling deodorants to almost O-natural, let your body process the old aluminum out. It’s recommended to take a couple days and not wear anything. (You might want to do this not in the middle of summer when you’re at someone’s family BBQ.) Be gross, sweat out the aluminum, then start up using the natural one. Again, this was through trial and error. Find what you like and stick with that. Your lymph nodes will thank you and probably so will nature.

Substitutes #vegan #food

egg =
or banana
or oil
or egg replacer powder + water
or tofu

I’m a baker. I’m learning to be a chef with real people foods. But I’ve always been a baker. Honestly, the egg adds a little rise and some liquid. You can solve that many different ways.

greek yogurt =
almond yogurt
or soy yogurt

I attempted to make my own versions of this and failed but there are those that have done this. Otherwise, local grocery store (or Target in this case) for the win!

chocolate =
vegan chocolate

just rediscovered this is a thing and it tastes just as amazing as the real thing. Cacao is the chocolate part, not the added in milk.


Vinegar is magic #home #savetheplanet

The magical power of vinegar:

1.  Add about a shot or two into your washer (along with your regular detergent) to help get rid of those odd smells that linger *cough cough gym clothes*

2.  Mix with some water and clean your counter tops. No need for Windex or other serious chemicals.

3.  Stop up the sink drain or bathtub, then add some vinegar and water and let it soak. It’ll eat up all the crystalized water.

It is magic! Super cheap too; like $2 for a gallon, which lasts basically forever.
Enjoy the magic for yourself 😀

Awesome YouTubers #plantbased

  • Sarahs Day
Instagram @

Australian based paleo eater who actually is honest with what she eats but has good advice and tips.

  • Pick Up Limes
Instagram @pickuplimesdotcom

Canadian and soft-spoken plant-based eater who photographs everything so beautifully. She’s got recipes and vegan food tips.

  • Kate Flowers
Instagram @katefruitflowers

Dancer and overall unicorn of a human that eats raw vegan. She’s also a joy to watch.

DON’T – blackness swallow you whole

we’ve all agreed to these rules
red is stop
green is go.
but what about yes and no?
what about explicit or subtleties?
what about the guessing game of flirting and consent?
what about humanity and our inalienable rights?

that seem to go by the wayside
and some support this notion.
some support the idea that bullying is okay
and that we can make fun of others to the point where they hide in their rooms
and cry or slash or plan an attack.
how the fuck did we get here
and how do change fabric interlaced in the American flag?
divide and conquer.
draw those lines and shoot those that dare to cross.

when did ‘us and them’ become acceptable
and why are we still allowing it to punch through our day dreams?
when words fail, violence seems like the next step
but what if we could go before the words
and express it all non verbally.

9/11 we all came together
but what about the attacks in the dark corners of suburbia?
there’s no memorial service for lost innocence,
no counter attack for tears shed.

hand in hand, we speak of unity and spew out hatred.
wake the fuck up
and use your own hands, your own words, your own actions and change the narrative.
maybe today is your day
maybe tomorrow someone can carry the torch for you
and maybe yesterday you were in that dark corner.
there’s enough of us on this planet to help each other out once in awhile.
get it together and remember
we are each a soul with cracks and patches and broken pieces stuck together
with the scraps of humanity.
share some.
find some.
go be the answer for one moment for someone else.
you’d be surprised what one moment can do to a life