Banana protein mini muffins #vegan

I’ve been playing with baked good recipes to find some new options for desserts/snacks. I’ve discovered a quick and easy, yummy mini muffins. I based the recipe after the William-Sonoma banana bread recipe.

My tweaked recipe:

1 cup pancake mix

2/3 cup plant-based protein powder (vanilla flavor)

3 bananas

splash of vanilla extract

sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves

applesauce or water or oil (to add moisture to the mix)

vegan chocolate chips (as much as you’d like for the ratios of dough to chocolate)
(my fav melty choc chips, found at my local Safeway –>

Pop them in the oven in mini cupcakes tins (spray the tins or put vegan butter on them to keep the muffins from sticking). Oven temp at 350 degrees. Bake until you can stick a knife in the middle of a thick one and it comes out clean. Cool on a rack and try not to eat them all in 10 minutes. (Been there, done that.)



Animal-friendly brands in YOUR Target #savetheplanet #benicetoanimals #vegan

Do you ever feel like you want to save the planet and all the animals in it but there are so many other fuckers who are just out there fucking it up? Yeah, me too. Does it even matter if I buy this eco/vegan-friendly whatever product since we have such bigger problems in this world? Some days I would say, no, it doesn’t matter. But other days, I would shout a hells yeah! Since today is one of the quieter days where I feel like it doesn’t matter, I’m going to remind myself (and you, reader) that it actually does make a difference.

Think of it like in gaining or losing weight (or muscle). There’s a point where suddenly everyone is like, “Oh, you’ve lost weight” or “Look at that muscle definition.” While little ol’ you has been over here eating salads for months and trying not to eat the 17th cookie. You see you everyday, so there’s no difference. But every tiny minuscule choice that you make adds up and makes the body mass you are. This is a magical thing (and also annoying) ’cause you can make a difference with one choice at a time.

Same thing with saving the planet. If you choose to buy that product that is nice to the animals and doesn’t have a whole bunch of chemical crap in it, it’s telling the market that this is what the consumer wants. So when the factories and big companies make their plans for next year’s products, they know WE want to have less chemicals, more natural ingredients, and we would rather be nice to the creatures, not use them.

All this verbage is to say, make that choice, that small tiny little choice. Then when you make 17,000 choices a day, your sending messages out there and striding down a better path.

Concrete examples of things I’ve found at Target (who doesn’t love Target?!!):

1. Compostable trash bags
Shout out to my sister for finding these!

2. Seventh generation cleaning supplies

3. S.W. Basics (make-up/skin care)
5 ingredients or less, for everything!

fellow planet-saver

Cake #vegan #benicetotheanimals

You know when you want a piece of cake, just ONE slice, but then you buy a whole cake and you just end up eating most of the entire thing ’cause it’s sitting on the kitchen counter whispering to you? Yeah, me too.

I stumbled upon this YouTuber Liv B and she has a yummy vegan mug cake recipe. Again, back to the whole CHOCOLATE CAN BE VEGAN thing, which blew my mind. Takes the same, super yummy and it’s just ONE SLICE. Hallelujah.

P.S. If you want to eat the whole cake, you go ahead and do it. No shame and no judgement here. My friends can attest to many nights I’ve had cake for dinner. End of story. Be free. Eat the foods you want.

4 tbsp flour of choice
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
1/4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp pumpkin puree, applesauce (or oil if you don’t mind it)
1 tsp oil
4 tbsp non-dairy milk
1 tbsp non-dairy chocolate chips

Video below, start at 2:16 for the mug cake :p

Hippie Deodorant #benicetoyourbody

So we all use it, daily. Hopefully.
I’ve discovered through trial and error and found a couple healthier, less toxic deodorants that exist in this world that don’t have aluminum in them to clog up your pores. Now why is this bad? Number one, because your pores are made to breathe, let them breathe. Number two, having aluminum that close to your lymph nodes, which are a part of the massive lymph system that helps keep you alive and not sick, is not a good thing.

  1. Crystal
    This one is my favorite. It comes in different forms but keep an open mind when you first switch over. The salt stick is the one I use but apparently the roll on works just as great. The salt does not clog up the pore, so you still sweat, but it doesn’t smell. Hurray!
  2. DoTerra
    This one is the most similar to “regular” deodorants because it’s a waxy base and you rub it on. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell, otherwise it did the job. You know when you switch perfumes or body wash and suddenly you feel like someone else is following you, then you realize it’s you that smells different? Yeah, it felt like that. It has more of a woods smell with cypress, tea tree, and cedar wood as it’s main ingredients.
  3. Tom’s
    Also has a similar waxy base and rub on type of vibage going on. Although Tom’s is a company I really love because their products are nice to the animals and usually vegan, this one I had a reaction too but that just might be my skin. It was a no-go for me but maybe an option for other skin types. (I’m also crazy sensitive to jewelry and such.)

    When you switch over from the normal flowery high school gym room smelling deodorants to almost O-natural, let your body process the old aluminum out. It’s recommended to take a couple days and not wear anything. (You might want to do this not in the middle of summer when you’re at someone’s family BBQ.) Be gross, sweat out the aluminum, then start up using the natural one. Again, this was through trial and error. Find what you like and stick with that. Your lymph nodes will thank you and probably so will nature.

Substitutes #vegan #food

egg =
or banana
or oil
or egg replacer powder + water
or tofu

I’m a baker. I’m learning to be a chef with real people foods. But I’ve always been a baker. Honestly, the egg adds a little rise and some liquid. You can solve that many different ways.

greek yogurt =
almond yogurt
or soy yogurt

I attempted to make my own versions of this and failed but there are those that have done this. Otherwise, local grocery store (or Target in this case) for the win!

chocolate =
vegan chocolate

just rediscovered this is a thing and it tastes just as amazing as the real thing. Cacao is the chocolate part, not the added in milk.


Awesome YouTubers #plantbased

  • Sarahs Day
Instagram @

Australian based paleo eater who actually is honest with what she eats but has good advice and tips.

  • Pick Up Limes
Instagram @pickuplimesdotcom

Canadian and soft-spoken plant-based eater who photographs everything so beautifully. She’s got recipes and vegan food tips.

  • Kate Flowers
Instagram @katefruitflowers

Dancer and overall unicorn of a human that eats raw vegan. She’s also a joy to watch.