Why I wanted to do this:

1. to process my life.

I have found that I best process (good and bad) things when I write about them in poem or in a story. I discovered this method when I was 17 and off alone at college. I found it best to take myself out of the situation and look at it with new eyes: on the page. I was amazed that suddenly these metaphors and imagery would leap out of me and made much more sense of my world then my conscious thoughts ever had.

2. to help others.

If any one line or one word can help someone else understand or get through their own life, then I will be immensely blessed. I don’t know how many song lyrics I have gravitated towards, that I played over and over, which changed my life. If anything can be of any help to anyone in the interwebs, then by all means, use it.

3. to practice.

Everyone knows that you aren’t born a genius at something, you have to practice. I have always secretly wanted to be a writer. I’ve written a thesis and maybe a novel or two for myself. Some days, the words are glorious and magical and other days I reread poems and I can see that I need some work. I want to practice this “craft” and be bold enough to share it with others. If we just hide everything weird about us in the dark, then what fun is that? I’m taking a leap and letting it all air dry out there.

4. to be raw and honest.

Which leads me to my last and probably scariest reason why I’m doing this. I hate how fear has scared so many people into hiding who they are and all their quirks (I do it too). So I want to force myself to put it out there. My writings are raw and painful and usually a lot of unanswered questions. I want to do what others seem to be scared to do. I respect those that are passionately and whole-heartedly themselves. I admire them and I want to try in every way to be honest and real in every aspect of my life.

Copyright © 2015 by Danielle Rockley.
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